LA GOMERA, 26.8. - 2.9.2023

A quest for women with Romana Tripolt

Embodied Transformation is the second of three, individually bookable journeys. 


One cycle of three workshop lays already behind us and rich of experiences, impressions, transformations and lasting friendships we are looking forward to this new chapter and to the next three groups of communities of wonderful, brave women.


is specifically focused on the process of transformation that we willingly engage in with each 5Rhythms wave. The rhythm of "Chaos" in particular serves as our teacher.


It teaches us surrender, how to deal with the unpredictability of life, how to play with the threshold of ecstasy, learn to surpass it, and let go of control while our consciousness remains fully awake and our attention is fully present! The practice is to allow movements to arise and pass freely. Through this, we experience that the transformative wave of the 5Rhythms encompasses our entire being and reliably cleanses and strengthens us anew.


In addition, Integrative Embodied Therapy (IBT) assists us in the fine-tuning necessary to consciously change old dramatic and traumatic imprints and obstructive defense patterns. Allow the change you are currently seeking and have the autonomy to choose to dance it into your life in a very real way!


We will deal with these and many more questions for a week, dancing in a group of courageous women. With process-oriented individual work (IBT) in the group, we will face and transform obstacles that show themselves on our dancing path. This is how we learn to dance with shadow and light and to ride the inner dragon gracefully.



With the map of the 5 rhythms we arrive completely in the presence and align body, mind and emotion.


In Flowing we strengthen the motherly energies and nourish the unconditional love for life. Rooted feet dance freely on this earth.


In Staccato we learn to express ourselves and how to set and defend limits. We bring into life what is important to us. Fiery hips swinging in the rhythms of creativity and passion.


In Chaos we learn to master the unpredictable and to surrender to the waves of life. The head relaxes completely, old thoughts melt in the vibrations of the swirling spine.


In the rhythm of Lyrical we find and reinvent our dance again and again and become creators of our reality. The connection between heart and hands turns them into our magical tools. Shakti helps us to consciously shape life.



„Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage.“

Brené Brown


Join a group of dedicated women for a week of moving, processing, dreaming, expressing, creating and integrating. Embraced by the raw beauty of the volcano island, the lush nature, the pounding waves, dancing dolphins, the beauty of the remote retreat center El Cabrito. Finally bringing back the transformative power, the treasures you’ll find on this journey to your live at home.



Digital detox experiment

The internet and phone connection on El Cabrito is very bad and vulnerable. We think this is the perfect condition for an experiment and we would like to invite you to try digital detoxing during your stay.



To be in the "here and now" with all your senses, to break habits, to try something unfamiliar, maybe to trick yourself and because of 1000 other reasons...


How to do that?

Inform your beloved ones, that for this week you will only be available in case of emergency through El Cabrito's office by phone or email. Bring an alarm clock with you! We will provide a camera you can use to make photos and we will send them to you afterwards.

We also offer you to take care of your mobile phone in the meantime.

Due to these circumstances a "digital time off" should be manageable, no?

If this experiment sounds pleasurable for you - please let us know!



Workshop Details

For all who already arrived at the finca Romana will offer a Welcome Wave on Saturday, August 26, 2023 at ~9pm. We will officially start our workshop in the morning on Sunday, 27th. 

There will be 5 full retreat days with approximately 6 workshop hours and one optional excursion day. 

We will dance in the mornings and in the evenings and there will be plenty of free beach time.

Our last session will be Friday evening, day of departure is Saturday, 2nd of September 2023.


Workshop language is depending on the needs of participants. German or English.




We are aware that flying is usually cited as the first major climate sin.

For this reason we would like to encourage you, that the amount of harmful CO₂ emitted during your air travel, is saved elsewhere.


The trip from Vienna to La Gomera emits 1,44Tn of CO₂ into the atmosphere. The emission will happen and will be bad for the environment. The good news: you can invest in a compensation project that works to ensure that the same amount of CO₂ is saved elsewhere.

The amount for this compensation is ~43 Euro. 


We kindly ask you to make this payment e.g. to this project on La Gomera: Plántate Project

If you want to get into the theme deeper, we recommend the very informative website of Climate Austria.




€480 full price

€440 early booking by May 26, 2023


The early booking price applies to registration AND payment.




Your online application is binding with submission of the registration form.


Please make your payment to the following account:

Account holder: Irene Seewald

Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Oberes Triestingtal

IBAN: AT923204500002446094


Reason of Payment: Embodied Transformation 2023


Cancellation conditions

Cancellation until one week after registration is free.

Until 2 months before beginning of the workshop, the processing fee is 40€.


For cancelation from 60 up to 21 days: 50% of the seminar fees will be refunded.

For later cancellation, non-participation or short-term participation the full amount is due.

Unconsumed units cannot be refunded.


In case we would need to cancel the workshop from our side, you will receive the full refund.

In case we would need to shorten the workshop for some reason, the proportional amount will be refunded.


Please also be aware of El Cabrito's cancellation policy! Cancellations need to be addressed independently with them. We are not liable for charges incurred arising from non-appearance.

Location info

Hotel Finca El Cabrito

38800 San Sebastian de la Gomera

Canary Islands/Spain



La Gomera has no international airport. Please book your flight to Tenerife, TFS (Tenerife South). 

From the Airport to the Ferry terminal Los Cristianos it's 25 minutes by bus. Take the ferry to San Sebastian Harbour on La Gomera (45min.-1,5h). The hotel's own boat will bring you from there to El Cabrito (15min./7€)


We recommend to book your trip from the Airport to San Sebastian Muelle (and retour) with the company Autobuses MESA. The transfer takes around 2-3 hours and costs around 65€.



Ferries between Tenerife and La Gomera depart 2-3 times per day.

When you book your flight make sure to reach the ferry around midday. 

For a stressless travel plan to have enough time between landing and ferry departure (around 2 hours). The same counts for your trip back home.


Info ferry departures: www.fredolsen.es, www.navieraarmas.com



All prices are per person and night, including full board.

Fruits and non-alcoholic drinks are provided all day long.


For kids' prices (including childcare) please ask the hotel.

You can extend your stay, but only on a weekly basis.


room/terrace house 30-40m2 with private bathroom  
Double occupancy 94€
Single occupancy 115€
room/terrace house 20m2 with private bathroom  
Double occupancy 83€
Single occupancy 103€

terrace house with 2 separate rooms (shared bathroom)

The rooms need to be booked together.

Double occupancy 111€

All information is subject to price changes, typing errors and mistakes.


We will enjoy a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner including a rich salad bar. The meals are mainly made of organic and fresh products from the Finca's farm - all according to season. They are part of the menu as well as meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.


If you prefer to eat vegan or gluten free please note that with your hotel booking. The hotel is willing to fulfill these extra needs but please be aware that it is not always possible.

Booking Procedure

Please book and pay workshop and hotel separately!



Please fill in our online form to fix your place on the quest:




Please book your room option directly at El Cabrito.

Bookings are only possible from Saturday til Saturday.

Your booking requires name, address, telephone number and email address.


Hotel Finca El Cabrito

38800 San Sebastian de la Gomera


Phone 0034 922 145005

Fax 0034 922 871234




Bank Details

Bank: La Caixa

Account Holder: LILIGOMERA S.A.


IBAN: ES09 2100 6753 2302 0003 3665



For any information concerning the quest, please get in touch with:

Irene Seewald


+43664 2552441


This workshop is a cooperation of Irene Seewald, Tanzraum Linz and Soulrhythms.

photocredits: Romana Tripolt, www.elcabrito.es, www.canva.com

Romana Tripolt


has been a certified 5Rhythmen® Teacher since 2012, Psychologist, Psychotherapist primarily specialized in Trauma Therapy, EMDR Europe Trainer, Brainspotting consultant and developer of IBT - Integrative Body movement Trauma therapy. 


"I dance my life and live the dance!"


Her special field is combining the active factors of process oriented trauma psychotherapy with the healing and transforming effects of the 5Rhythms. Besides her occupations as 5Rhythms Teacher and Psychotherapist she runs the „Academy for Trauma Therapy“ in Vienna. She and her team are training clinicians in Psychotrauma-Therapy, -Pedagogy and TreFlowYoga - Trauma Release FlowYoga.


Her book "Bewegung als Ressource in der Traumatherapie" (2016, Klett-Cotta) - „Using Movement as Resource in Trauma Therapy“ - will be translated into english within the next months.